Lydia’s Guide To Blogging

Building traffic to your blog

Now that your blog is established and you are writing great posts, it is now time to focus on building traffic. Here are some tips.

Actively participate in your niche community through social networking websites.

Network, connect with fresh new sources and offer insightful content to your community through these sites. Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are great outlets to connect with your community through joining groups. Connecting builds traffic, according to the Idiot’s Guide to Blogging.

Submit posts to blog aggregators in your community.

This will introduce your blog to a wider online audience. Blog aggregators include and

Be the first to write a “Top Ten Best Blogs” post in your niche community.

According to, this post will rank high in search engine results.

Write tags as if they were search engine terms.

When I write post tags, I always think about what words an individual searching for the information in that post would type into a search engine.

Cover topics that receive a great deal of coverage and topics that receive little or no coverage.

Two of my most popular posts so far were about Invisible Children, a popular organization, and Bradley Hathaway, a lesser known artist. Discovering what people are talking about in your community and what people are searching for in your community is key in building traffic.


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