Lydia’s Guide To Blogging

SEO tips for bloggers

SEO, search engine optimization, is optimizing websites to be more receptive to search engines. SEO generates traffic, and makes websites and blogs more search engine friendly, by building links in order to market the value of your blog or website. Without SEO, a blog may not be easily found through search engines such as Google and Yahoo. SEO can often make or break the success of your blog. Here are some tips to optimize your SEO use.

Create unique, accurate page titles.

Title tags indicate the subject matter of your blog or blog posts. When a blog shows up on a search engine, title tags will show up first in the line of text. Successful title tags are brief, descriptive and accurately describe the topic of the blog’s content and blog posts’ content in order to drive traffic to the blog.

Improve the structure of your URLs.

More concise, simple URLs are more memorable and easier for internet users to link to your page. Visitors may be turned off by extremely long, cryptic URLs that show up in search engine results. Try to use recognizable words in URLs.

Use proper-structured internal linking in posts.

Instead of providing internal links that say “click here,” link to a word or phrase that relates to the subject matter  of the site you are linking to. This will move your blog up in the ranks of search engine results because you are linking to searched terms.

For example, in my blog posts for Less Than the Least, I link bands’ MySpaces to bands’ names.

Make your blog easier to navigate.

User-friendly, easily navigated blogs allows visitors to enjoy your blog more, and consequently, stay on your site longer, refer people to your blog and back link to your blog from their pages, which generates more traffic and increase SEO. A site map, a hierarchical listing of pages, can assist navigation.

SEO optimize your writing.

According to Search Engine Journal, make sure your content is unique, well-written and is focused on keywords and keyword phrases. This wil also make your blog more receptive to search engines.


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