Lydia’s Guide To Blogging

Who blogs and why?

If you are just starting out, getting a handle on what a blog truly is can be a little hard to grasp. These next five points will hopefully narrow it down for you.

Bloggers are people with a great interest in a topic, and can consider themselves ‘experts’ on that topic.

As an ‘expert’ on a topic, you embed yourself within the community of that topic, online and in the real world. Being a part of the underground Christian rock music scene and scouring the web for news allows me to be an ‘expert’ for my blog, Less than the Least.

Bloggers are a set of eyes for a niche audience of a topic.

Your blog should provide insight that your audience may not find elsewhere or provide a hub of updated information your audience may be searching for. Christopher Allbritton discussed how he became eyes for people eager to learn more about the Kurds in Iraq in Blogging from Iraq.

Bloggers are comfortable working solo.

A blogger must be comfortable with his or her own skill set, including writing, editing, photography, video, and posses a basic knowledge of web publishing. There is no team of editors, photographers,or web developers to back you, said Allbritton in Blogging from Iraq.

Bloggers are willing to venture outside of the ‘norms’ of journalism.

Journalism has always been about communicating to the masses. Blogging is about communicating with the masses. Bloggers blog to be part of a community, not just to be the messenger of a community. Blogging is showing your human side, according to the Online Community Strategist.

Bloggers are unique individuals able to brand themselves.

Branding is becoming the go-to-person for your niche audience. Be confident in your abilities, and become interesting to complete strangers.