Lydia’s Guide To Blogging

Web content that grabs readers

So you have established your blog and began posting, now you are wondering how to develop eye catching content. Here are some tips I have kept in mind while posting.

Keep the majority of your blog posts to 100-250 words.

Depending on your blog’s audience and topic, write posts accordingly. If you are covering a topic that requires longer posts and the followers of your topic are willing to read longer posts then more than 250 words is fine.

I try to keep it short. I feel readers would be more likely to stay on a page with shorter posts they can scan quickly, picking out what they would like to read. I also think using different of post lengths, depending on the topic of the post, adds variety. Use your best judgment when it comes to blog post length, but keep your readers in mind at all times.

Write short paragraphs.

Just Creative Design says to keep paragraphs down to three or four lines each. Internet users can be turned off by huge chunks of text.

Spend quality time with each post.

Add quality images that don’t distract but attract readers. Add links to ensure readers your information can be verified. Also, Just Creative Design suggest to proof read at least four times.

Be an authority with personality.

If you are passionate about your topic, write like you are. Don’t be afraid to write as an ‘expert’ for your topic. Also, write how you would speak to your best friend about your passion. Wild Apricot Blog says to be unique and develop your voice.

Don’t be afraid of blank space on your page.

Try not to cram every inch of your page with text, graphics or images. Blank space, especially white space, according to Susan Greene Copywriter, makes a page easier to scan and less intimidating for readers.

For my blog, Less than the Least, the gray space on each side of my content is an example of using blank space effectively.