Lydia’s Guide To Blogging

Harness the power of social media to boost your blog

Social media monster

Social media is this huge monster of a phenomenon that us as internet users have been captured by. Social media websites include the pages we visit daily, such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, to interact with an online community. Here are some tips to harness the monster to benefit your blog.

Join your niche community.

Visit blogs discussing your niche’s topic. Comment on posts, leaving your name and your blog’s link. This is a way of putting you on your community’s map. Also, join Facebook, MySpace and other social networking website groups to bring awareness to your blog.

Make your comments count.

When leaving comments on blogs who belong to your community, write thoughtfully. Discuss a thought in the post, give advice or ask a question when commenting. When people see you are genuinely interested in the topic, they are more likely to click on your blog link or add you to their blogroll.

Set up an RSS reader.

An RSS reader will cut down on the time you spend searching the internet to see what others in your community are talking about. After subscribing to a website’s feed, an RSS reader will alert you when that site has updated information. I use Google Reader as my RSS reader.

Use social networking websites to spread the word about your blog.

By posting topics of blog posts and links to my blog in Facebook and Twitter statuses, I have been able to build awareness and traffic to my blog. Try to share your posts polietly via social networking sites. People may get tired of your blog popping up on their pages.


Secrets of a great blog

The web is a vast sea of information, so how can a blog be successful? These next five points are what I consider secrets of a great blog.

A successful blog has a topic with passionate followers.

Underground Christian rock music is the topic of my blog, Less than the Least, and the followers of this music are willing to travel across the country to music festivals such as Cornerstone Festival and Facedown Fest.

A blogger realizes his or her blog isn’t just for him to spout his opinions.

A good blog is a place for a community to come together to learn, discuss and share. A blogger leads a tribe, and must consider the needs, wants and interests of the tribe.

A great blog should be entertaining.

Incorporate videos, photographs, links, and more into your posts. Sauced posts great images that readers can browse.

A great blog provides practical information.

Practical information would be anything useful for readers. Sauced also posts recipes.

Look at your blog as a first time visitor.

When writing posts and designing layout, keep in mind that first time visitors will stumble upon your blog. At first glance, your blog should tell readers what exactly it is about. Keep your blog looking fresh and inviting.